Monday, October 5

Tuesday's Dreariness

I relunctanctly lifted myself out of bed this morning to be greeted by the sound of rain peltering against my window like a savage beast trying to get in. That had become foreign to me; the sombreness a sign of changing times. By this i mean, of course, that summer was over and autumn was pouring against my window.

Whilst this doom and gloom will not be welcomed by many for some it is a chance to wrap up warm and embrace what autumn bears. London has many a things to offer; for example for the those with musical taste i recommend going to see the Spaghetti Western Ochestra, playing in London and Brighton over the next four days. Their unique style is a meshwork of everyday sounds brought intricately together to form a Western masterpiece. An ochestra with a difference this will not disappoint!

Perhaps ochestras aren't your cup of tea and you're a more of an outdoorsy-type person. If that's the case; The London Mayor's Show is taking place on the 14th of Nov with a magnificent parade and fireworks display. With 6000 people, 1550 servicemen, 202 horses, 24 marching bands and 71 floats there's something for everyone!

For many Hindus, Sikhs and Jains October is very special month for it marks the Festival of Light, Diwali. There are many events across London illuminating the festivities including Diwali at Barnham Park on the 10th of Oct, Naesden Temple Diwali & New Year celebrations on the 17th and 18th of Oct and don't forget to check out what's happening in the borough of Brent over Diwali.

The festival fun..fest doesn't quite stop there! How about exploring how Black History Month is being celebrated in the capital or maybe the BIGfest music and arts festival. Or perhaps looking for something different such as a celebration of apples or even conkers (at Conkerfest09) and go on, fulfill that nutty inner child in you!

This is only a small selection of what London has to offer, there are a few links at the bottom that has endless things to do, see and experience.

Well, look at that, it's stopped raining now! If London was a mathematical equation, it's weather would, unfortunately, be an overcast variable but it's vibrancy, diversity, art and culture offerings would be rays of constants, irrespective of time of year or weather!

By the way, i almost forgot "remember remember the 5th of November!"


Wez said...

I miss London!! This morning I was telling hubby let's go back to London. And now reading this post makes me miss it more :(

nav said...

@Wez I could write a book about London! (hey there's an idea! lol) London is awesome, i do go on about it too much, but with reason :D
London welcomes all! 8-)

Mo said...

I'll be at a few of those events with my camera