Friday, April 17

Slumdog millionaire v2.0

Alternate endings and deleted scenes
I think that the actual ending in the movie is better, but fans of the movie will find these interesting nonetheless.

Having seen all of them i dont' think that adding these deleted scenes in the movie would have harmed its reputation in any way! If anything, it could only make it better :)

(thanks to adarsh for directing me to these! :))

Wednesday, April 15

Mauritian Sega Dancers

Went to an indian wedding over the weekend, and they had some Mauritian Sega dancers there.
I managed to record some of it on my Viewty but then i ran out of memory :s

(its actually not that great quality and such short footage may not actually be that impressive, but i've been too busy to think of something to post, so this filler will do in the meantime :D)

Wednesday, April 8

We are not living in a democracy - capitalism is rife

When i heard about some of the treatment of the protestors at the G20 protests i was a bit shocked at how the police treated the protestors. When i heard that an innocent man had been knocked down and then later died i was feeling what only experlatives could describe.

This man, Ian Tomlinson, was innocently walking home from work, with his back turned to the police officers. With no apparent warning or reason, the baton-wielding police officer felt it necessary to hit Ian Tomlinson on the leg and then push him to the ground. Subsequently, he suffered a heart attack and died.

What angers me is that the police, someone who we trust upon to serve and protect us, can act to such a barbaric way to attack someone unprovoked. The article (video-footage included) published by the Guardian shows exactly how Ian Tomlinson was attacked. I am pleased to hear that a full investigation is being carried out on this incident. If the law is followed the police officer should be tried for manslaughter and I would think that it is only fair that the police is not above the law and should be treated as equals amongst the rest of society. Just from these facts you could perhaps argue that this is an isolated occurance, but i would argue the opposite is true. For example, there was a Tamil protest calling to help bring an end to the war in Sri Lanka. Reports show that it was marred by violence mediated by, as eye-witness accounts have shown, the police. The irony is that our taxes pay for their wages, and yet, they punish those that actually provide for their livelihood.

Some people may think, so what? What relevance does this have to me? To my life? Well, i'll leave with this note, next time you walk past a police officer can you take the chance of not looking over your shoulder?

They can try to stop our freedom, but they won't stop our voice

Saturday, April 4

hello *potential rant*

Good morning, morning! its cold and damp here, feeling half asleep. It's 8.33am, thats quite early. Too early in fact! Have to leave for an interview in a bit then going to somewhere find sandals to where to a wedding. I have 44 days til my first exam! 7 exams, one project...and i'm off buyin sandals! Argghhhh! wait...what day are we on? Saturday!! : lol...everything is upside-down brother is telling me to hurry up else we'll be late! a feeling today will be one of those days!

Thursday, April 2

Death to all Haribo bears!

One quiet evening, whilst feeling bored I got my camera out and mutilated a Haribo bear. I'm not proud of it, but here is a a few pictures of the aftermath...
(I was just trying to see how well the macro funtion on my camera was and wanted a way to start another random blog post!)

Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket
Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

Anyways, putting weird pictures to one side. The G20 summit is happening in London right now with, supposedly, an agreement to tackling the current global fiancial crisis imminent. The G20 has been in existence since 1999, but never has its purpose been more necessary. What doesn't quiet make sense to me is the member states which belong to the G20. You have the likes of the UK, France, Italy...and then the EU. Last time I checked wasn't the UK, France and Italy part of the EU?? It definitely undermines the purpose of the EU. Anywho, without this turning into an essay, i'll leave the blogosphere with this pic:

This is a pic of the G20 leaders with the Queen. It includes eight prime ministers, 12 presidents, one chancellor and one king. Can you spot the king?

Prince Philip's 'Joke' regarding the world leaders is hilarious! (Prince Philip's remark)(although you could say he has a point!)

Right, thats enough procrastinating for me! Back to the books! (40-something days left until my first exam :o)

Wednesday, April 1


Just came across this and HAD to post it, makes me laugh everytime i watch it