Tuesday, March 31

Nickelback self duet

How you remind me & Someday, in 'surround sound' you could say!, definitely makes a good listen!

(btw, sounds a heck of a lot better with headphones)

....you'll either hate it or love it

Wednesday, March 25

Beyoncé Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) AFRICAN REMIX!!!

Major lol-age at this!! I've been waiting for them to release another one of their funky music remakes after kiss kiss, lollipop and crank dat (highly recommended that you watch them on youtube also!)

Hardest Abdominals ever!

15 cars roll over the abdominals of this gentleman, whilst he's singing! Entertainment at its best! Sounds sick, but i found it slightly amusing!

Wednesday, March 18

Japanese Word of the Day

The Japanese love words. Every year they invent new words and phrases that relate to the latest fashions and a panel of judges and the public vote for their favourites. As part of BBC Four’s Japan season we’ve made some short films about cool Japanese words. http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcfour/japan

Wednesday, March 11

Some interesting images from the interweb

Michael Jackson Tour is a Sell OUT!

MJ announced 10 tour dates at the O2 Arena London, but after the pre-sale tickets were sold out in a matter of minutes another 20 have been announced. 17 of the 30 days have already been sold out! General sale starts 7am on Friday :/