Monday, November 24

50 places to see before you die

Life is short. Paid leave is in pitifully short supply. The funds are never forthcoming. And yet there are so many jaw-dropping locations in the world just waiting for you to discover them.So how can you possibly choose where to spend your limited time and resources? Where can you find the very best that the world has to offer you the traveller, in your short time on this earth?It is no mean task to whittle the list of world's wonders down to a mere 50. But we at MSN travel humbly present our list of the world's most majestic monuments, the lost cities most likely to send shivers down your spine, the waterfalls to make you weak at the knees, and reefs, beaches and mountains that will be forever etched into your memory.

Friday, October 31

Anyone remember Kenan and Kel? :)

Kenan and Kel - classic comedy :)

Who looooooves orange soda??

Sunday, August 24

What People Eat Around The World

Ever wondered how you rank with the rest of the world in the amount of money you spend on food in a week? I got this email and it has some great pictures along with the amount of cash each family spends in feeding themselves for a week all around the world.

Guess how much money refugees from Darfur spend in a week at Briedjing Camp for food? Scroll down to find out.

1. Germany - $500 a week for food

2. North Carolina, USA - $341.98 a week for food

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Tuesday, March 4

6-Minute Meals for 6-Pack Abs

A meal plan that will shrink your gut -- and fill it at the same time

By: Ted Spiker & David Zinczenko

A lot can happen in 6 minutes. It's enough time to make or break a job interview, have great sex, or listen to all of Quiet Riot's greatest hits.

And in 6 minutes, you can find your six-pack abs.

Not with a CAT scan or an endoscope or a self-powered liposuction machine, but with an intelligent, well-balanced, and (most of all) easy eating plan made up of great-tasting foods. Not a fad diet. And no weird vacuum-sealed meals that have to be special-delivered to your home by the food police. Just sensible food that's fast and easy -- and isn't pushed through your car window by a guy in a paper hat.

Abs, after all, aren't made in the gym -- they're made in the kitchen. What you put into your mouth is far more important than what you put into your workout. For example, in an analysis of 33 clinical trials, Brazilian researchers determined that diet controls about 75 percent of weight loss. Of course, that doesn't mean exercise isn't an important part of the fat-burning formula. But if you want the fastest results, a smart eating plan is the foundation of your gut-busting program.

Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Eat six times a day.

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Saving energy in your home is not a sacrifice