Saturday, October 3

It's been a long month

A month has passed since i've blogged anything. A busy September and a touch of laziness on my part is the reason for this. It's been a strange month, at times i've been so busy that i've had to familiarise myself with the concept of multitasking and on some occassions i've become so bored that i've invented new ways to procrastinate!
Here's a few of the (small) feats i've accomplished over the last 30 days:
  1. Become addicted to cottage cheese. It has a taste that no other food will possess and it's filled with protein. It's all good.
  2. Sat an 8 hour exam
  3. Fasted (see 4)
  4. Celebrated the Hindu festival of Navratri
  5. Prayed a lot (see 4 again)
  6. Annoyed with the recession and will have to find sustainable ways to live if un-employment continues.
  7. Accidentally formated one of my hard drives which had around 150gb of data (not quite sure what was saved on it!) Doh!
  8. Had my hotmail, paypal, amazon and ebay account hacked. The fact that over the space of 2 days they managed to buy around $1500 worth of stuff didn't bother might come across as a bit strange, but i was aware of the strong likelihood that i would get my money back as it was an obvious case of fraud and not a shopping spree of sorts that included a pink Sony Vaio (if you're going to steal my money please have some decent taste!). But, i was really annoyed with the laborious and painstaking process of contacting all the companies concerned and letting them know that i had been a victim of online fraud. I did, however, get a laugh out of the supposed 'hacker' and his amateur operation after i realised that the things he bought off Amazon he had sent to my home address. Having actually received those items I believe the phrase 'WTF' is appropriate here!
  9. September saw the merger of Orange and T-mobile to create the UK's largest phone company with a 37% share in the market. Also, Orange signing a deal with Apple over the iPhone and subsequently Vodafone doing the same a day later is a good sign for avid iPhone fans like myself. It's been widely talked about that this will spark a price war over the iPhone, which all in all is a win-win situation for us consumers. Let's hope that i can get my hands on an economically viable iPhone plan soon!
  10. I've learnt that kids can really say the funniest things. Me: Have you not heard of Casper(as in the ghost)? kid: [stares blankly at me] ....Casper the wasteman? (I think only those living in the UK will understand that)
  11. Banned myself from watching repeats on TV
  12. Begun started reading the mammoth Bagavad Gita. I'm not sure where this will lead, whether i'll enjoy it or not, i will find out in 900 pages time.
  13. Decided that in this given climate i may need to consider a career change

October is here now, and with a change in the wind, announcing the end of any lingering summer weather and the start of autumn. I wonder what i'll get up to this month. Only time will tell!


Wez said...

Poor you! No wonder the month seemed long to you.

I don't ever do online transactions. I've had a couple of Nigerian as co-workers in the past and they told me all about their tricks. Bloody scared me off.

Anyway, that's good you're reading Bagavat Gita. And good luck in finding a suitable job! :)

nav said...

Ah,,don't get me started on the Nigerian Scammers! lol I've almost got scammed into sending money without a flat viewing for rent/as a deposit by people claiming to be based abroad but having property in London. Luckily my mama didn't raise no fool! :D

Thanks for the good luck, shall be needing it! :)