Tuesday, August 18

How the internet has changed my life

I originally wrote this for the WebDesign Bureau of Mauritius competition, but thought that it would make a nice blog post. Views welcome

The internet is part of my life as much as having breakfast in the morning or watching football on TV. I could not live without it. The internet is powerful, innovative, interesting, immense and yet it's capabilities are endless. The internet is like something great that has been discovered by man, and yet, the has so much more to offer! Living without the internet is like taking a trip back to the dark ages; it plays such an important part of our lives. We use the internet for so many purposes, reading the news, checking weather, reading emails, shopping. Everywhere we are the internet is there; whether on our computers,
laptops, mobile phones or even fridges. Where-ever we go, we need the internet! The 'information highway' it was once dubbed, but for those who are more tech-savvy will tell you that the internet is on the cusp of greatness. It is evolving in un-Darwinian proportions and, I for one, am glad i'm alive to witness it. Most people have heard of facebook but what most have overlooked in their obsession of it is it's usefulness and significance. Web 2.0 idealogy was first introduced almost a decade ago developing into the world-wide-web that is today. one-dimensional mono-chromatic webpages have evolved into vibrant, exciting, wonderful sites that are around today. "New Media" has added a whole new facet to the internet. It has undoubtedly revolutionised how we interact, creating a concept of social environment, one which disregards geographical location and distances. With the existence of this new social environment the power of the internet has shifted, it is not the same as before, for now users, me and you, feed it. WE drive the internet more and more everyday, feeding it with ideas, knowledge, concepts. You no longer need to publish an article in a newspaper to get your voice heard; blogging is on the rise, and with it, the ascent of the human voice! It is now easier to post videos and photos online now more than ever and attached with it are our thoughts, ideas, aspirations. But of course it is not just our thoughts, ideas and aspirations; New Media allows all these to be connected or shared with other internet users, to be interacted with their thoughts, ideas and aspirations. I believe the world wide web outlined the preliminary nodes of the internet, and now, New Media is growing and weaving connections between these nodes and making the 'Web' of the World Wide Web
I write this, and yet i will proclaim that in 10 years time we will all look back in even greater awe and astonishment, for the internet evolution has only just begun!


Bruno said...

1 I see you are yet another candidate for internet rehab (too much internet addict these days :P)

2 Most tweets and blogs are useless babbles and we are adding more stupidity online

3 The real revolution I am waiting for in 10 years time is a common platform (OS like) for robotics. Given a standard piece of hardware we could start programming what robots can do ... that's really COOOOOOOOL :P

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm an addict too! Well for those who do not use Internet as much as I do 'think' I am one. If I'm not on the laptop/desktop I'm on the iPhone browsing and tweeting.

The only thing I do offline is sleep. I intend joining the local library so hopefully I'll spend more time off the laptop.

Nice post by the way! :)

nav said...

@Bruno not all tweets or blogs are useless :)
lol,yep if i could get a robot to write my blog for me then that would be awesome! :D

they have online libraries, ebooks are great. you don't have to travel far and there's no return date. perfect! :p

Ashesh said...

With Web 3.0, the web would even change everything by having meaningful search results! The era of internet in 2010 - 2020 would be different!