Saturday, April 4

hello *potential rant*

Good morning, morning! its cold and damp here, feeling half asleep. It's 8.33am, thats quite early. Too early in fact! Have to leave for an interview in a bit then going to somewhere find sandals to where to a wedding. I have 44 days til my first exam! 7 exams, one project...and i'm off buyin sandals! Argghhhh! wait...what day are we on? Saturday!! : lol...everything is upside-down brother is telling me to hurry up else we'll be late! a feeling today will be one of those days!


My World said...

Ok,satudays right?
9ice blog,got to trace you from naija boyz,hope you dont mind.....
Enjoy your wkend.

morinn said...

I hope the day went out fine. lol @ the sandals shopping.
This reminds me that I gotta start revising for the exams as well. Aarggh!

nav said...

@ My World Thanks for the comment, and thanks for becoming my first follower! :) (naija boyz are awesome!)

nav said...

@ morinn It was a long day! but quite good, weather was quite good! Lots of people about, spring is finally here!
sandal shopping = not fun! lol
oh yeh, damn...exams (evil evil word! :s)