Saturday, February 7

What to do when you're stuck on the tube?

So i was on the my way home on the London Underground when it stopped at a station and refused to move for several minutes. Great. When it finally got going it was held up in the tunnel and to the joy of many we were told that the northern line was experiencing minor delays (this manifested into major delays later on!). Its remaining journey was jittery at best, stopping and starting. SO, what does one do when 'trapped' on the underground? Do you just sit there and read a paper, do the sudoku? Or do you try and push the boundaries of underground-etiquette and try and make small talk with other passengers? I did neither, I simply got my laptop out started messing around on it. It made the journey slightly more pleasant. It did occur to me the possibilies of getting around the immense boredom whilst trapped in a confined space...

hmmm...a dinner partyy?

Do a little dance perhaps...

...Or maybe a massive alcohol filled party?

errr...yeh...maybe exciting as those options are...i'll jut stick to my music thank you very much

Driver: "Ladies and gentleman we're now able to move onto the next station and this train will be going as far as Colliers Wood without stopping *rather excitedly* we're getting closer!" *Yipee*

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