Monday, September 10

YouTube Alternatives

Video Jug []

This alternative has a range of videos, from the more useful ones such as cooking for beginners to the not so serious and funny vids such as "How to behave after sex" and "How to avoid a trapped arm whilst cuddling in bed". All in all a great site with over 24,000 free vids to keep you entertained.

Expert Village []
Expert village claims to be the "World's Largest How-to Video Site" despite having less than half the number of vids as VideoJug. Despite this the site is teeming with loads of easy-tp-navigate videos on a wide range of interesting and useful subjects. Unlike VideoJug it lacks somewhat on the UK content.

Mediasite []
Mediasite is a completely different proposition from the other video instruction sites thanks to a more academic and business-orientated approach and the inclusion of subjects that stretch your mind, rather than just using your ability to follow step-by-step instructions. Not for everyone, but the level of expertise on display takes instructional video to a new level.

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