Saturday, July 14

Few random things to keep you busy

Beer Launcher!

Balance and a steady mouse hand are needed:


Over 12 million hours of video! won't get bored

Running From Camera

This is so stupidly funny that you should check it out ! "The rules are simple: I set the self-timer on two seconds, push the button and try to get as far from the camera as i can" This is so easy that you can try it at home yourself, just make sure no-ones looking!


Recycle!...cos everyone seems to be going on about it


ok, this seems really lame at first but it really is better than it sounds. "the FREE and UNIQUE website where YOU write the next page or verse of stories and poems started by famous people and site members from around the world".
Its kinda like how when you was in little school where each person would write one word each, making sentences and hence a little story, instead of paying attention to the teacher. so, yeh, if that was you back when you had the attention span of a gnat then this type of thing may not appeal to you anymore.

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