Sunday, July 2

England just don't do penalties

His face tells the whole story...

The quarter finals are over, and not surprisingly England have gone out on penalties. As Lampard and Gerrard stepped up to convert their penalties you would bet your life on the back of the net bulging...but alas...the curse of England's penalty taking will not go away!
Whats even more surprising is that the player you'd least expect to convert one does so, that being Owen Hargreaves, and he's not even english!

Disappointment all around, but what makes things even worse are the antics of the Portuguese squad, and in particular Ronaldo. As a Man Utd fan, all i can say is that i'm ashamed that a player like that wears the red shirt of united...utter disgrace.
Was a poor performance by both teams, with england only bothering to play once the red card came, so in the end maybe penalties was a fair result

France, how they've got this far i have no idea. Puts a new meaning to the "slow tortoise wins the race"!

With Sven gone (i still think why only four strikers sven, why WHY?!) and Becks stepping down, lets hope this new era will bring much more success (not holding my breath when it comes to penalties though)

Well, at least Andy Murray can do some pride for Britain, had a wiked game against A.Roddick, winning in straight sets. (still no idea why he keeps doing that thing with his hand, its like he thinks he's got a windscreen in front of his face and keeps wiping it to see!meh)

Speaking of disappointments: the England cricket team, injuries or no injuries, are a joke..5-0 whitewash to S.Lanka (its hard to believe that they won the last Ashes)...not even worth going into.

Just for the record i don't support the england cricket or football teams (but then again i don't support any other international team, so why not the country i'm in right now) its not that disappointing for me, but still a disappointment nonetheless.

Ah well, with the good weather and 3 months hols of doing absolutely nothing...its all good! :)


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